Web Design in Johannesburg

Web Design in Johannesburg

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The amount of people using mobile phones in South Africa is simply staggering. With a massive 10 million smartphones currently in operation, people are using the internet for just about everything they can think of, and that includes looking for information on your website. Well, that’s great to know, but what it does mean for you and your business? Will you have to reinvent the wheel, or the web in this case, and go balls-to-the-wall, ensuring that everything you do is mobile-friendly? Well, in all likelihood, you won’t have to re-strategize, but you certainly will need to make your website mobile friendly, if you want customers that is.

This is something that may sound scary to marketers, but in actual fact it is one of the most important things you can do. Why? Because a mobisite, or a website that is mobile friendly allows you to target just about everyone, of any age, race or demographic. Whether you sell online groceries or specialised kits for bicycle tricksters, you need to be able to support your web offering with mobile, just in case.

But how does this ‘just in case’ strategy pay you back? Is there a return on investment, considering you are spending so much money on the off chance that people will visit your site on their phones? Actually there is. Besides the assurance that anyone who incidentally visits your site will be able to use it, will love it and will thus love your brand, your mobile statistics are measurable. That means that creating brilliant mobile content is not just a shot in the dark. It is a strategy that can be analysed and measured, and if this is so, it can also be adjusted to ensure you are reaching the right people at the right time, and for the right purpose.

It all sounds like a lot of theory, but this kind of knowledge is the kind you need if you want your business to be a success. Consider the prevalence of the smartphone in South Africa (we did say over 10 million phones sold, right?). Because of this, everyone has an app. Users are downloading these apps, from games to banking apps, ticketing apps to child tracking apps. Users like having an experience that is easy for them to use and that adds value to their lives. If your mobile site can do that, you have done a lot of work that conventional marketing techniques may not be able to do.

But when it comes to mobile web design, you need to be smart too. Your mobile site needs to be attractive, user-friendly and easy on the data. Millions of pages and reams of data are a turn-off, so use your web design tools intelligently.

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