Understanding Amazons Kindle Free Time Unlimited

Amazon released the new Kindle FreeTime feature in September 2012. Amazon’s Kindle FreeTime allows parents to create a profile where they are able to keep an eye on what their children are up to when using the Kindle.

Basically, Amazon’s Kindle FreeTime gives parents the ability to monitor their child’s actions while using Kindle, set a limit to the amount of time spent using Kindle and also choose which features are available to their child.

Amazon has just announced the release of the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited feature. It is compatible with the Kindle Fire as well as the Kindle Fire HD.

The FreeTime Unlimited feature allows parents to create profiles for each of their children. This means that each child will have their very own selection of content. Even if the family shares one Kindle, every child can have their own profile. It should also be noted that the child’s profile will be free of all marketing, social media links and in-app payments.

The FreeTime Unlimited feature is targeted at parents who have children between the ages of 3 and 8 years old. It is a subscription service that will be available at a very affordable rate.

The FreeTime feature focuses on controlling and monitoring your child’s activities while using a Kindle. The FreeTime Unlimited feature offers entertainment for children. These will include movies, games, books, educational applications and more.

The FreeTime Unlimited offer is available for less than $3 per child per month. If you opt for the family package, you would pay less than $7 per family per month if you are an Amazon Prime member. If you are not an Amazon Prime member then you would pay less than $5 per child per month or $10 per family per month.

The actual device is very cost effective as well. You can purchase a Kindle Fire for less than $200. It is the perfect solution for families looking for a cost effective tablet. Also, you would probably feel a lot more comfortable giving the tablet to your young child to operate due to the fact that it was not a very expensive purchase.