Twitter Filters Vs. Instagram Filters

The war between Twitter and Instagram seems to be all bloggers can talk about recently. It seems that the war between these two social media giants will only heat up.

Within hours of the release of the new Instagram filter titled “Willow”, Twitter released their very own range of filters. There have been rumours that Twitter had been working on a range of filters for some time now and it is quite interesting that they should choose to release it on the very same day that Instagram released their new filter.

The war between Twitter and Instagram resulted in some casualties, the Twitter Cards feature on Instagram being one of them. Instagram disabled the Twitter Cards feature much to the dismay of users. This means that users can no longer upload Instagram images to their Twitter feed without having the images cropped. Their followers would then need to follow the link to the Instagram website to see the image complete.

Twitter now offers its users a filter that immediately improves the quality of an image. A filter/feature that was previously only available with Instagram. Now Twitter users no longer have any need for Instagram. They can upload pictures directly to their Twitter feed.

Instagram offers a total of twenty different filters. Twitter online offers nine filters to its users. While Twitter’s filter selection may not be as comprehensive as Instagram’s selection, it is more than adequate.

Twitter users also have the options of sizing and cropping photographs. Instagram has online recently added these options to their offerings.

At the end of the day, it seems as if most users will now choose to use Instagram or Twitter, not both as many did before. While existing users may choose to keep both their Instagram and Twitter accounts, many new users will choose one or the other because the two social media platforms are no longer very compatible with one another.

It seems as if we have only seen the beginning of the war between Twitter and Instagram. It truly is anyone’s guess who will come out on top.