Social Media in Johannesburg

Social Media in Johannesburg

Hey boss,Let’s Run a Social Media Campaign

One of the most difficult things that young, up and coming digital marketers encounter is the absolute refusal by those who’ve been in the business longer to go with social media campaigns. It seems that the marketers who still subscribe to old school campaigns, those considered to be above-the-line, simply can’t see the value in putting an ad on Facebook. This may because these businesses have found that their method of advertising, either on TV or in popular magazines has borne fruit, but guess what? It won’t for long.

Since Facebook, Twitter and even networks such as Pinterest and Instagram became popular, marketers have had to change their strategies quickly and drastically. In order to capture a new market, many businesses have even seen the benefit of employing a social media person, or in fact a whole department, ensuring that they capture those who don’t care enough to buy magazines and who certainly don’t watch TV. It has been found in fact that 94% of companies that have a marketing department in-house now include social media as a non-negotiable part of their strategy, and of these, over 50% have seen a sales increase in the last three years, despite the recession.

So what does all of this means for your business? Well, despite concerns about privacy on social media, or of human error, there can be no doubt that using social media works well. The key here is hiring a person, or persons, who know the limits of social media and know how to create a social media campaign that will garner positive spin for the business, rather than embarrass it. It was not that long ago that the South African social media controller for Durex made a joke about abuse against women on Twitter, causing the social media world to erupt in protest and shaming the famous prophylactics brand. That person is probably not working in social media anymore (or at least shouldn’t be) but the lesson has been learnt by big brands everywhere. Hire smarter, more social media savvy employees, and go through levels of approval before anything is posted.

So why run a social media campaign for your business? Because though it is a risk, it has been proven time and again, to be a brilliant way to get your company out there.

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