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SEO Made EasyWhen it comes to your own website, you may be thinking that there is no need for good content, since people are going to use search engines and special keywords to look for businesses such as your anyway. That is not the case at all. In fact, because of the little spiders discussed above, your site needs to have great content to ensure that the search engines pick up on the words your customers are looking for. So how do you make the best of it? In five easy steps:

  • Make sure your content is good. Don’t write content that is crammed full of keywords as no one will want to read it. Yes, customers will get taken to your site, but once they are there, you want to keep them there. Do it with your words. It is also important to note that search engines are pretty smart and you just write a load of rubbish, the search engine will pick that up and eliminate your site from the results. Make sure that you are writing content that people will not only enjoy, but that they will want to share with other. If they read something they like and find useful, they are much more likely to share it on social networks or even via email.
  • Use news sites to your advantage. There are loads of sites such as Digg and Reddit that allow users to post content, which will then be read by others, that contains hyperlinks to a site. Use this knowledge wisely. In the same vein, you should be using other websites to get links to your page. You can strike a deal with another site administrator. You put one of their ads on your site, and they’ll do the same for you. Essentially, this is free advertising.
  • Make sure you use great pictures. While it can be hard to find interesting pictures, especially considering you may have to pay for these, it is certainly worth it. If consumers get taken to your website and they see great images, they will stay there. Also because some people like to search in the images section of a search engine, they will be taken to your website when they click on your image. Make sure it is an image they will like.
  • Use bold, but not too much. If you bold one or two words per article you post on your site, you are in essence alerting the spiders to the fact that those are the words you want to emphasise. The spiders will then know that they should latch on to those words and send them off to the searcher.
  • Remember that less is more. You don’t need to write articles of a thousand words for every page. Your audience will get bored. It is a good rule to stick to about 250 to 300 words per article and keep it simple. Don’t repeat yourself, don’t duplicate any of the content and don’t talk rubbish.

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