Internet Marketing in Johannesburg

Internet Marketing in Johannesburg

Making the Move to Mobile – Marketing Strategies for your Business

Think about the one thing that almost every single South African, regardless of race, age or socioeconomic status has. Got it? Well, you may have guessed that it’s debt, or that everyone has a passion to be better, but in truth the answer is a lot simpler. The one thing that everyone has is a mobile phone. Whether it is the cheapest of feature phones, still featuring the old black and white screen and a pixelated snake game, or the trendiest new iPhone 5C, this one item makes it easy for marketers to reach any target audience.

South Africa in fact, is one of the many countries in the world in which there are more sim cards currently active than there are people. With Samsung’s introduction of dual sim phones into the African market, this is really not surprising, but one thing that may raise your eyebrows is the fact that smartphone sales have reached over 10 million units in SA alone.

With statistics like these, it is hard for any marketer to deny that including mobile in their strategy is a good move, no matter what they sell and to whom. Though picking up your mobile to search for something on the internet may not be the kind of thing you do on a regular basis, know that in South Africa this practice is commonplace. And if the majority of South Africans are doing it and your site is not optimised for mobile, you’re definitely missing a trick.

So how, as a marketer, do you take this information and imbue it into your strategy? In laymen’s terms, how do you make this information work for you? It’s simple really, if you divide it into three major arenas: one, optimise your website for mobile; two, realise that MMS and SMS still play an important part in marketing; and three, consider new marketing paths, such as Whatsapp or WeChat messages, in-app advertising or even, mobile web banners. Can it be done? Actually yes. An Israeli chocolate manufacturer, Klik, ran a Whatsapp campaign targeted mainly at a youth audience and saw massive success during the period it was run. This simple campaign allowed consumers to interact on Whatsapp for a chance to win prizes. Was it expensive? Not at all. And it reached the target market quickly and immediately.

You don’t need to follow this formula to succeed though. What you do need to consider for your business is how to use mobile platforms to target your audience in a new, engaging and smart way. If you can do that, and think beyond the boundaries of straightforward digital campaigns, you will be able to garner more respect with your audience, engage more and, with time, sell more.

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