Google Adwords in Johannesburg

Google Adwords in Johannesburg

Violating Google’s Policies – Where SEO Goes to Die

PPC and Adwords are two of the latest buzzwords that digital marketers spread around like Smarties at a birthday party. But for those marketers who are still stuck in the age of print and TV, these words probably mean nothing. As they slowly learn about online marketing and using search engines to their advantage though, Google Adwords probably looks more and more compelling. But, ladies and gentlemen, just because it’s online, doesn’t mean it comes with no rules.

Google has actually introduced a variety of rules and policies that apply to its Adwords offering and those businesses that see SEO as a free tool they can use in any way they want to are about to get quite a shock. Google is no longer allowing the use of phone numbers, or Facebook trademarks and wording and a variety of other things that could lead to scamming. But my business isn’t a scam, you may be thinking. The truth is that is doesn’t matter. Google has to have rules that apply to everyone, and that means that whether your business is legitimate or not, you have to play by the rules.

But some people don’t. How do they get away with it? Well, these smart scammers have learnt how to fly well under the radar by doing small things like replacing the letter O with the number zero or making a few small changes to their wording, rendering their ads readable and understandable, but not easy for Google’s smart trackers to pick up.

As an advertiser, you need to know what is allowed and what isn’t. This is why Google Adwords offers a complete list of dos and don’ts that users can stick to if they want their ads to shine and to adhere to the rules. These include small guidelines such as creating a positive experience for the user and sticking to certain character lengths to ensure that you say what you mean concisely.

If you go to Google’s Adwords ‘rule book’ and check out the things you can and cannot do, you may start to wonder if it is even worth the spend. With so many rules about images and character usage, phone numbers and restrictions about gambling, alcohol and medical advertising, is it worth your time to make an ad for your consumers? The answer is always yes. Because Adwords has such a huge penetration, there is simply no better way of reaching the target audience you want to get hold of, and that means your return on investment is quite high. So how do you get the results without the stress? Simple – hire a professional Adwords team to create and run the campaign for you.

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