Fraud Centre Urges Amazon to Improve their Anti-Counterfeiting Measures

Amazon has been urged to improve the anti-counterfeiting measures that they have in place. The Consumer Fraud Centre believes that this e-commerce giant is not looking out for the consumer due to their less-than-ideal anti-counterfeiting policies.

The Consumer Fraud Market specified that it is the sales practices relating to the Kindle that they are questioning. It seems that they believe that Amazon is not prioritizing the consumer and refusing to put up the necessary security measure to keep fraudulent or fake merchandise from the consumer.

Consumer Fraud Centre believes that Amazon has double standard when it comes to fraud prevention. All Amazon products are protected with adequate anti-counterfeiting measures in place. However, all other items and fake reproductions of other items are not treated with the same discerning eye.

More and more complaints of counterfeit goods or fake reproductions of branded products are streaming in. This is why the Consumer Fraud Centre has assigned a high risk warning to Amazon. Consumers need to be aware of the risk they face when choosing to shop online with Amazon.

It should be noted that the Consumer Fraud Centre is concerned with reporting facts about the authenticity of products sold. It is not a website where consumers are invited to rant and rave about poor customer service.

According to the Consumer Fraud Centre, the bottom line is that Amazon protects its own interests only. Amazon’s products are well protected but all other items do not enjoy the same security. Consumers who purchase these products via Amazon could easily purchase one of the many fraudulent items currently circulating online.

This sale of counterfeit goods will affect consumers as well as the brands that fall victim to these fake reproductions. This is due to the fact that all product reviews based on the false authenticity of this item will not be accurate at all.

The Consumer Fraud Centre has released a list of requested changes that they would like Amazon to make if they wish to improve their rating with the Centre and help to prevent the sale of fake reproductions of branded products to consumers.